Airport transfer service

You need a pickup from the airport, or would like to be taken there?

Option 1 (Airport transfer service):

We organize for you a VIP-transfer-service from/to north or south airport. Right now in times of CORONA, this option is safer than being squeezed into a tranfer bus.

Our individual driver service is just right for you. We have you being picked up at the airport, and of course the drivers will help you with your luggage and bring you to your home. We will not leave you dropped of on the road as cabs and busses do.

The airport service is also available as a single assignment for new clients.

For our clients with other contracts we offer another option:

Option 2 (Vehicle transfer):

You have your own vehicle on the island and you have a vehicle service and maintenance contract with us, then we will have your keys for the vehicle. So we can bring your vehicle to the airport on the day of your arrival or pick the vehicle up from the airport after your departure and bring it back to your garage.

Interested in this service?  Send us a non-binding inquiry!