Trust us with your vacation property!

We care in a professional, clean and reliabel way about your object, no matter if big or small.

Facility service

We look after your house, your apartment, when you are not here. We repair, renovate, clean, gardening and care.


We look after your vehicles. Who takes it to the inspection or to the MOT? Who can bring your vehicle to the airport, or picks you up there? We can do this for you!
Enjoy your stay in your vacation home and don't waste precious time at MOT.


We help you with the authorities. You won't miss an important date or payment term anymore. We help understand official letters.


You need a cleaning service?
After your departure or before your arrival or on a frequent base, we will organise this for you!


We will monitor the renovation of your holiday home during your absence.
Why should you waste precious vacation time looking after the craftsmen?

Postal service

We check your mail during your absence and send you all important letters by email as scanned copy.

Thomas Kerstin

"We live in Tenerife since 1994 and we speak your language as well as the language of the spanish authorities and craftsmen in Tenerife!"

T. & K. Christoph

More than 26 years in Tenerife!

We live and work in Tenerife since 1994. We know all the service providers, craftsmen, plumbers, electricians, masons, painters and companies. No matter if spanish, english, german, frensh or else, we have been working with many. The language is not important, we are looking for the qualtity of the work.

Procurement of household equipment, electrical appliances, or just first class materials like plexiglass or stainless steel, welding of stainless steel or aluminum - we know who and we know where!
Our priority: Nothing needs to be imported or brought from home, you can get anything here on the island, you just need to know where!