Renovation of house or apartment

You would like to refurbish your holiday home in Tenerife? What is needed, just a fresh paint for a single room or a complete new bathroom?

Why should you process this work while you are here during your precious vacation time?

We organize these these works in close consultation with you. We select the appropriate companies for each task and get you cost estimations. We will be happy to translate the cost estimations for you. We will control and crosscheck each task in all phases of the project and we will Außerdem kontrollieren wir die Ausführung der Arbeiten in jeder Phase and of course we take care of a final cleaning after the work is finished.

So you can relax in your renovated property after your return to the island and have nothing to do with the work, the dirt and the noise.

Interested in this service?  Send us a non-binding inquiry!